The commemoration of the Passion of the Christ is an opportune time to pause for a while and reflect on all that has been and all that will be. And while a very few blessed kababayan could afford to travel either to the Sistine Chapel in the Holy See or the Holy Land in Jerusalem, […]

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Photos at the American Museum of Natural History



A few weeks ago, I went to the American Museum of Natural History. I never downloaded the photos from my camera. In the meantime, I’ve forgotten the subjects of most of the photos. They’re mostly minerals and butterflies and I suppose I could spend some time looking them up, but I wouldn’t be getting that post up anytime soon. So, I’ve picked photos based purely on their visual appeal.

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Galerija Diolis izlozba APRIL U BASTI


                                  21 aprila u 19 h otvoricemo aprilsku izlozbu  umetnika primenjene umetnosti koja je iz produkcije2016 godine.Dela zasnovana na intertekstualnosti, polivalentnosti, povezivanju ideja  novih ostvarenja.

Regionalna agencija Backa

Olivera Kovacevic Jankovic

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Touched by the shadow and shine that streams through the window blinds, my hands eagerly knit a moment, a reflection, a story told through the stitches, through the purls that whisper at a tale of hope and of love, of compassion and contemplation, of a soured memory that became a beautiful blessing, drenched in yarn, […]

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