Galerija Diolis,


Izlozba skulptora Dabar I dud

25.septembar2017.u 20h

Olivera Kovacevic Jankovic


Regionalna Agencija Backa


#WeekendCoffeeShare: In Which I Am a Wee Lazy — Part-Time Monster


If we were having coffee, I would invite you in and say hello. I’m probably still yawning and stretching, and the coffee might not actually be made. Perhaps we’ll walk just down the street to Congregation, the little coffee place on the corner, or perhaps we’ll just stay in here where it’s cool and I’ll […]

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How to Begin Your Novel? (Part One) — Daniel David Wallace


Would you like a simple plan for the first twenty pages of your next novel? If so, I made a video for you (below). — A lot of my readers are working on a novel. In our conversations over email, we’ve discussed the most common problems they and I have been facing. “Plot” is a…

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