Sunday Slideshow: basketball


that cynking feeling

This is a story about what we didn’t do this weekend.

On Saturday, we didn’t go on the county Farm Bureau’s drive-it-yourself tour because it rained. Today, the weather was perfect for the scouting event at the zoo. Unfortunately, I was awakened at 4:00 am by the sound of Philip barfing. No trip to the zoo.

By this afternoon, Philip was keeping food and drink down and I really wanted to get away from the scent of vomit. I asked Philip, “Do you want to play basketball?” He immediately got his shoes on and then repeated the word “basketball” at least a dozen time as we drove to the court.

This vocalization is how I figured out how much Philip enjoys the sport. Last month, the monthly Home Depot Kids Workshop was a football toss game. Philip kept saying, “basketball.” Then I saw how much he loved to bounce the…

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