The #StandWithPP Roundup: Shutdown Narrowly Averted


Our government almost shut down because of government funding for Planned Parenthood. This is the state of affairs in my country.

If you weren’t able to watch the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee hearing because you couldn’t stomach committee members’ conduct, I don’t blame you. Cecile Richards testimony is interrupted repeatedly, federal spending rules are man-splained (inaccurately…), and Planned Parenthood is criticized with data that is manipulated and improperly sourced. It’s a grotesque theater, so you’re probably smart for avoiding it. Even John Boehner, that dear soul, wanted to avoid this circus.

Since facts, data, and evidence seem to be irrelevant to those conducting this hearing, I’d like to remind all of us what’s at stake here:

  • Planned Parenthood receives 40% of its funding – $528 million last year – from the federal government in the form of Title X program funds and Medicare reimbursements.
  • BY LAW, none…

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