Art is Love


burns the fire

Oh, my people,

I just spent a sweaty 2.5 days overcooking a blog post about the fine art of giving and receiving and finally realized that I should just cool the freak down and get to the point:

I need to make a living from this blog, and I am asking for your support.

My original plan included offering premium content for a fee and opening an online boutique; but at the moment, I can’t imagine not sharing everything with everyone, nor deal with a bizzy store. When a warmer, fuzzier exchange was suggested, like a bell, it rang my heart:

If you give me a donation, I will gift you a print of my art.


To kick things off, the first piece I am delighted to offer is FLARE – a drawing I made a couple of months ago that feels a little like I do. At 8.5 x 11.5 inches, on quality bond paper.

‘FLARE’ by…

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