Second Breakfast Scales ‘Everest’


Rooster Illusion

SecondBreakfast-01I know that it’s named after a dude (Sir George Everest), but have you ever actually looked at that word? Ever-est. The most ever. What a perfectly fitting name for the highest mountain on Earth. Over five thousand people have attempted to reach the summit, the top of the world. Why? The most interesting answer I’ve seen (said in real life and spoken in this film by both Jason Clarke and Josh Brolin) is, “Because it’s there.” Something in the human spirit compels to conquest. We need to prove, over and over again, that we are the best, that we can do things no one else and nothing else can, because we can. This is perfect fodder for an existential conversation about human nature, humanity’s struggle against nature, and, most importantly, death.

Everest (2015)


The Plot: In May of 1996 two expeditions attempted simultaneous summits of Mount Everest…

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