The Kids Are Alright!


A Buick in the Land of Lexus


Recently, a super cool 14-year-old kid named named Aidan Thomas Hornaday was brought to my attention.

This kid is not only a kick ass blues harmonica player, he’s a young philanthropist out to make a difference in the world. He started working for change when he was just seven years old.

Aidan recently gave a TED talk which is on YouTube. The Sisterwives were so moved by him, and so committed to spreading awareness of Aidan and his work, that we decided to watch his video with our own children.

Then, we asked our kids to write about what they thought being a “difference maker” meant.

Any of you who follow us on social media already know who Little Dude and Hastykid are. And you get to hear from some of our other kids as well. These kids are all amazing.

I’m going to close comments here, in the hope that…

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