What a Bank Ad Taught Me About Success




As I write this I am on a layover in London on my way to a yoga retreat in Greece.

For those of you who know me personally, you can stop laughing now.  You see, I am about as “un-yoga” as a person comes. If Type A is a thing, I am Type A plus.  But I digress.

What struck me as I deplaned my flight in London was an ad (I think it was for a bank, but to be honest I was quite sleep deprived and people were pretty anxious to move out of the jetway so I couldn’t linger).

The title is what caught my eye: “how do you succeed?”  And then there were three panels “push,” “failure,” and  “friends.”

Push.  That activation energy that takes an object at rest and puts it in motion.  Sometimes self-generated, sometimes generated by a gentle parent, teacher, coach, mentor…

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