Teaching My Five Year-Old Son That Girls Are Not “Just Girls”



When I think of birthdays, I’m reminded of a post I wrote a couple of weeks before my son’s sixth birthday in May and never published until now.


My son is five, which means he’s enthusiastically deciphering the world. All five of his senses, and possibly a sixth, are actively engaged as he collects data to help him solve this big round riddle. My son watches and listens closely. He asks questions, makes observations, draws conclusions and sometimes defaults to inaccurate generalizations. He believes that there are rules to explain everything and he seeks them out like a scientist, identifies and questions them like a philosopher and occasionally creates them like an ancient conjuring up a myth. He is also just five and sometimes he repeats things because they sound cool, or because he likes the way they roll off his tongue stimulating those overworked senses or just for the heck of it. My son will be turning six in…

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