Turns out I like Germany after all, in Munich


Vagabond Urges

Why don't more cities have these? Why don’t more cities have these?

“Put your hand up, put your damn hands up!
Tonight is my life, because tonight I’m a sinner!
Keep your hands up, keep your damn hands up!
Tonight is my life, it’s an assault on my liver!”

As these remarkably honest rock & roll lyrics launched out into the perfect warm June air above the chattering tables of university students and studiers-abroad, I thought to myself “Maybe I like Germany after all.”

Munich pigeonsMy first big trip, solo backpacking across Europe, began in Frankfurt. I remember rushing currents of people with purpose, reminding me that I had none (amazing how challenging it is to be unemployed) and a jet-lagged nausea at not knowing what to do with myself. I stayed three days, which was two too many, then a fourth, because the guy who sold me my train ticket didn’t tell me it left from

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