Creating a Bond with Your Child – A Post in Pictures



I believe that nostalgia plays a big part in the bond we create with our children. In moving countries and continents I’ve eliminated the shared geography basis. In having boys, some further shared interests were crossed off the list. The nostalgia I felt toward the components of my own childhood has been stripped off of some essential ingredients, but the bond that this reduced form of nostalgia allows is all the more valuable for that reason precisely.

Shared childhood interests can be found in unexpected places.

Greek Myths You liked hearing about the Gods and their shenanigans, he wants to hear about the heroes and their battles.

Some things from your childhood are always relevant.

Cookie My favourite Sesame Street character. Along with Bert. You heard it right the first time.

He is six now. He is six now.

Other things grow in and out of favour.

pepper I’m making stuffed peppers and thinking about my grandma.


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