My whale and sea lion encounter


Why Evolution Is True

Kris Rossing, a reader, is a Senior Aquarium Biologist at the Vancouver Aquarium, undoubtedly the best such facility (for both display and research) in Canada. Kris spends his time tending and studying endangered frogs (see a story here), and, when he heard I was coming to Vancouver, he kindly invited me to a behind-the-scenes look at the Aquarium, saying he’d try to wangle a Beluga Whale Encounter and a Sea Lion Encounter. How could I refuse?

Yesterday I made the hour-long trek from Richmond (site of the conference and hotel) to the Aquarium in Stanley Park, met Kris, saw the frogs and other stuff, and had my Marine Mammal Encounters. I’ll post about the latter today, and show more photos of frogs, snakes, and other sea creatures in the next day or so.

After a look at some rare and endangered frogs, Kris took me to the beluga whale…

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