27 Signs You’re Dating A Man Who Knows How To Make You Happy


Thought Catalog


1. He encourages you to wear flats when you head out at night, even though you both know you look significantly better in heels, because he cares about your comfort more than your outward appearance.

2. He has a sixth sense that tells him when to rescue you from a conversation at a party. He can also tell when you’re starting to fade at any social gathering, and he’ll take the initiative in executing your joint escape even if he’s not quite ready to make an exit.

3. He hails the taxi, opens the door, and never makes you scooch over, even in the midst of a downpour.

4. The second an unexpectedly strong gust of wind blows, he checks to see if you’re dressed warmly. He might zip up your jacket an extra inch or two. If you’re not dressed appropriately, he’ll offer you his coat or hoodie…

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