Time to talk about anything except the weather


Why Evolution Is True

by Grania Spingies

Jerry said I ought to post the tweet I saw from @AstroSamantha yesterday, amusing for me because I live in Ireland; but possibly of no consequence to anyone else. I was aghast, as I really do not want to bore anyone to tears by talking about the weather of all things. Then he suggested that it might be time for an Open Thread anyway as he is currently on a plane and on his way to Vancouver.

Here’s the Tw**t. On a typical day, that sort of cloud cover stretches over Ireland. Sometimes it’s worse.

Hence this meme that was going around on Twitter too this week. So very, very true. And sad.


On the subject of Neverland, has anyone actually read the book Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie, rather than the various Disney treatments of it? The book doesn’t extoll the virtues of childish imagination…

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